Enjoy live country music every Friday night, live acoustic music during Sunday lunch and all major sporting events are available on one of the three big screen TVs in the bar.

Weekly Events

Tuesday nights: Half price pizza
Wednesdays & Thursdays: Our Mature Customers get a 25% discount
Friday nights: Live country music
Sunday lunch: Live acoustic music
Live big screen sport
Quiz night second Thursday of every month.

Quiz Mistress Griffin has been in charge of the quiz nights (every second Thursday of the month) for the past year. From themed quizzes such as Taboo, Gourmet and Valentines to wide-spread universal topics on history, geography, arts and literature she has oodles of strange and interesting questions to bombard and amuse her audience. Regular and eclectic teams are a feature and the losing team gets to sign off in the Book of Shame.

 Teams range in size from 4-6 people and range in age from 7 year old's to 70 somethings.  Single people are very welcome and teams will be found for lonesome and adventurous folk. Prizes vary from delicious meal vouchers and fine wine to the kitschiest of items that can be sourced from the local SPCA shops. These shops are delighted to be so well supported and even more delighted that the Quiz Mistress relieves them of their most awful items. From holographic religious prints to hand-carved psychedelic donkeys the Quiz Mistress is shameless in her quest for excellent kitsch. Quiz nights kick off around 7pm on-wards (it’s always a little flexible) and are renowned for their participatory gusto. If you can bellow like a Viking, are unashamed to get up and do a little dancing, have an urge to sing some lyrics and are willing to a haiku or two, then the il Postino Quiz Nights are for you!